UK Process Agents (agent for service).

UK Process Agents

Tremark Associates are able to offer a professional Process Agent Service. (In England and Wales they are sometimes known as an Agent for the Service of Process.) A Process Agent can assist you in dealing with British courts and the service of notices, proceedings or documents.


How We Can Help You

When your company enters into an agreement or contract that is subject to English law, you will be required to provide an address within England to which the British courts can serve notice of any legal proceedings that arise. This however is not always the case. If, for example, your company is not incorporated within England or Wales, or you have not been required to provide an English address, you can appoint us act as your UK Process Agent so that we can receive notice of legal proceedings on your behalf.

What is a Process Agent?

A process agent is a representative of a person or company to whom court papers may be served. As an experienced agent for service of legal process, we will ensure that legal notices are properly served by other parties and that you are notified of any papers received upon receipt.
We will ensure that any notices received are forwarded quickly and efficiently on to you. By doing this, we can reduce the burden on you or your client, providing clear, reliable advice and a professional service that meets your needs. We accept Service of Proceedings in the UK for notices, proceedings or other documents issued from the courts of England and Wales and also for arbitration proceedings.

Available Services

You have the option of two services:
1. An Annual Service – This provides the flexibility to cancel the service at the end of each year, if no longer required. It is also renewable on a year-by-year basis.
2. A Fixed Period Service

This provides peace of mind that the agent is irrevocably appointed for the full period of the agreement.
Once we have received your completed order form, the information will be reviewed and you will receive confirmation that the appointment can proceed. If requested, we will issue a letter of appointment to the other parties confirming the appointment.

To enquire about this service, or request an order form please get in touch today.