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A Day In The Life – What It’s Like Working as a Tremark Process Server

A Day In The Life – What It’s Like Working as a Tremark Process Server

What It’s Like Working as a Tremark Process Server?

You have to wear a lot of different hats to be a process server. No, I’m not talking about a summer Fedora or a Bucket hat to keep off the rain. I’m talking about character traits. In our line of work you need to be:

  • Discreet
  • Confident
  • Flexible
  • Observant
  • Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Diplomatic
  • Patient

“And more”… says Ken Robson who heads up our Leicester office. “Process serving is like being a diplomat, a detective, a messenger, and an actor. You definitely need to know what makes people tick. You also need to be a good listener at times and have the ability to stay calm”.

“I love the fact that no two days are ever the same. There’s not a typical day, apart from checking in at the office to sort out the day’s work. The admin is done by our Leeds office. They securely send over the paperwork via the internet for me to print off.”

The Leicester office covers the service requirements of clients in and around Birmingham, Chesterfield and Northampton.

Once Ken has his jobs for the day he’ll head out into the sunshine or rain. The office isn’t far from Leicester’s law courts so, any service he has to do there won’t take long. At other times you’ll see him heading for the M1 on his Suzuki GSX 650 to serve someone in Chesterfield, or Northampton. Or, driving along the M6 to Birmingham. They are all about an hour’s drive from Leicester.

Do you like riding the Suzuki?

“The great thing about being on my bike is that you can avoid traffic build-ups and park easily. I love motorbikes. I have several at home and me and my wife spend time travelling around Europe by bike following the MotoGP racing. I worked at Scotland Yard during my 20-years in the police force. I was part of a motorcycling team so I have been riding bikes for a long time.”

Are People Polite to You?

“Sometimes, I might have to serve papers to someone in a residential property. If we know what the person looks like we might be lucky and they will answer the door and take the papers. There are times when we have to ask the neighbours questions. We’ll normally ask if they know when the person is usually home. Then we can call when they’re indoors.”

“People react in different ways to us. If we explain who we are and why we are on their doorstep, we can usually implement a successful service. Sometimes though the householder will have an aggressive dog or become abusive and then we have to tread carefully.  If the person is at home but refuses to answer the door, we can usually carry out substituted service once we made all the right checks and followed the correct procedures.”

At the end of the day?

“Once I’ve finished I go back to the office. I sort out the work for the following day and then jump back on my bike for the journey home. I’ve never worked 9 to 5 and I love being on the road. Being a process server with Tremark is my ideal second career.

About The Author

Mark Hodgson is the Managing Director of Tremark Associates, one of the UK’s leading providers of investigative services. Mark formed Tremark aged just 25 in 1995 and has over 30 years experience in private investigations and commercial debt recovery industries. He is a leading figure and a campaigner for regulation of the Industry and past President of the Association of British Investigators, a member of the World Association of Detectives, The Chartered Institute of Credit Management, The Institute of Paralegals and an associate member of R3 -The Association of Business Recovery Professionals. Mark splits his time between the Leeds and London Offices. He is a dad of two, a keen runner, cyclist and a Leeds United season ticket holder.