Absconder Tracing.

Professional People Tracing

Some people go to great lengths to cover their tracks: changing telephone numbers, leaving no forwarding address, and even changing their name. As a result, it can often be hard to trace people and companies who have absconded without professional assistance.

Tremark have been tracing debtors, beneficiaries and lost family members for 27 years. Our team of experienced investigators are skilled at locating those who do not want to be found. By operating a nationwide service and having more than 80 agents at our disposal, we have a proven track record in tracing an 80% success rate.

The right level of service and budget for you.

We appreciate that different clients have different needs and budgets, that’s why we offer four separate tracing products to meet your requirements.

Please click this link below to view and download an overview of our various tracing products and pricing options, it should be noted that these fees are for UK Solicitor clients and other commercial clients upon whom have already undertaken due diligence.

People Tracing Overview PDF V3.0


Fast, Discreet and Efficient Service

All tracing cases are handled discreetly and efficiently. Reports are normally provided within 20 working days of a referral, but if time is of the essence and you need results fast, rest assured that we have the resources available to be able to deal with your matter much quicker.

Processing Data Without Consent

We take Data Protection legislation very seriously. Tremark undertake a Data Processing Impact Assessment (DPIA) on our clients’ behalf on every instruction we receive to ensure full data compliance. Our investigators work to a strict code of conduct and always work within the law.  We are Corporate members of the Association of British Investigators and certificated to BS102000 and ISO9001.

What We Need From You

We require the subjects full name, last known address or addresses  and where possible date of birth, any contact telephone numbers and any known employment details. We shall also require the reason the trace is required to meet our obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018. You should also advise which level of service your require.

Instruct Us

To instruct Tremark email your request to info@tremark.co.uk or call us on 0113 2636466 

Incredible results acheived from minimal information.