Asset Search Reports.

Find actionable asset data fast with our range of Asset search reports.

Cost effective legal solutions to help you quickly trace personal assets & liabilities


Tremark offer four levels of Asset Tracing Reports designed to suit clients various requirements and budgets. Our reports include detailed high value data, assessments & recommendations, compiled by qualified professional investigators.

The reports are a useful tool for identifying the current financial status of a business or individual. The information provided can help you decide whether it is worth taking legal action or pursuing an existing claim; it can also help you to identify which enforcement strategy is likely to be the most effective.


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Qualified professional investigators

Tremark investigators are highly experienced, discreet and professional at all times. All Asset Search investigations are conducted within the strict provisions laid down by the Data Protection Act and other UK legislation.

Help with the detection of assets using privileged access to personal credit data

Our most comprehensive report uses deep personal credit data obtained from one of the UK’s leading credit agencies. Our Level 4 Report can yield additional detailed financial information on an individual’s bank accounts, mortgages, loans, credit cards, store cards and other utility accounts etc. The data is used along with the expertise of our qualified investigators to uncover previously untraceable assets and liabilities and is integrated into a deeper investigation package to provide a complete assessment and provide considered recommendations.

This information is obtained lawfully, in a completely covert manner, which leaves no footprint of the search behind. In suitable cases it can be seen as a cost effective first option to negate the typical asset tracing process and can provide high value data

Full compliance

Where our client does not have the subjects consent to process the subject’s data, Tremark will undertake Data Processing Impact Assessment
to ensure that full compliance with DPA 2018. To do this we shall require clients to advise us the reasons for commissioning the investigation.

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