Credit Checks.

Credit Checks for Businesses and Private Individuals

Tremark Associates offers a full credit checking service using a number of high-profile agencies. Credit checks are usually performed by landlords, retailers, employers and companies and are an important method of identifying any financial irregularities.

Providing You with a Wide Range of Credit Checks

  • Landlords perform credit checks as part of a tenant screening program to help minimise the risks associated with taking on a new tenant. You need to know your rent will be paid on time and a tenant credit check should help to identify any individuals with a problematic financial history.
  • Retailers conduct credit checks on individuals to ensure the customer is able to pay their account.
  • Employers use credit checks to make sure any employees handling money or working with financial data and accounts have no previous history of financial mismanagement.
  • Credit checks on companies and directors can be carried out to ascertain whether there are any financial irregularities you need to be concerned about.

By providing you with usable data and practical recommendations you can make sensible, informed decisions even if the credit checks aren’t ideal.

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