Employment Tracing.

Employment Tracing – No Trace No Fee

Tracing a debtors employers can provide vital information that can often make the difference between getting paid and losing the money forever. Tremark Associates can help you to find out more about your debtor’s current employment status and provide you with the facts you need to be able to secure payment via an attachment of earnings application. Information obtained can also be used for ensuring documents are personally served or for use in more in-depth enquiries.

Find Out Key Information with an Employers’ Search

Successful employers’ searches will uncover a lot of useful information, which can be used to serve court documents and help recover money owed to you by:

  • Checking whether a subject is unemployed or self-employed
  • Finding out whether a subject is claiming State Benefits
  • Confirming if a subject is a company Director
  • Securing the information required to enforce an Attachment of Earnings Order

All employment tracing will normally be completed within 28 days, and if your enquiry is urgent, Tremark Associates offer a fast-track seven-day service on a no trace-no fee basis.

Compliant Debt Recovery and Investigations

Our experienced investigators will conduct discreet enquiries via telephone, professional internet databases and locally. All works carried out by us will comply within the provisions of the Data Protection Act and all UK legislation.

What’s Next?

The only information our experienced investigators need to start an employment tracing enquiry is the subject’s full name and current residential address. However, the more information you are able to provide, the more successful the debt recovery process is likely to be. Don’t worry if you do not have the minimum information – we can make enquiries on your behalf as an extra service if required.

If you would like more information about employers’ searches and business debt recovery, get in touch today.