People Tracing for Private Clients.

People Tracing Investigation

Thank you so much for your interest in our professional people tracing service. We delighted that you have chosen Tremark as your professional investigator.

Tremark have been tracing old friends and lost family members for 25 years. Our experienced investigators are skilled at locating people, even those who do not want to be found, we have a proven track record with an 80% success rate.

Our Charges

Our fees for undertaking a trace are based upon our success and we charge the following:

Positive Trace – £120.00 (£100 plus VAT)

Negative Trace – £60.00 (£50.00 plus VAT)


We shall require an upfront payment of £60.00 (£50 plus VAT non-refundable deposit) prior to commencing any work. A further fee of £60.00 (£50.00 plus VAT) will be payable fee before releasing any traced address to yourself. Instructions will be included within our email on how to make payment of the initial deposit.

Our Terms of Business

By submitting the information below you confirm that you agree to Tremark’s terms of business, which are available at by clicking here.

Information About You

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Before undertaking any investigations Tremark Associates have duty to ensure that we undertake due diligence on all new customers requiring our services and to also ensure that our client has the appropriate lawful basis for requesting Tremark to process data on any third party who have not provided the requestor their written consent to do so.

This means ensuring that you have a ‘legitimate interest’ to request that we undertake enquiries. and confirming our clients identity. If you have any doubt what this means a helpful document written by the Information Commissioners Office on the subject can be read by clicking here.

Upon completion of the form above we will send you an email  with a link to a questionnaire that will help us to undertake an assessment to evidence your ‘legitimate interest’ in a simple way.

Incredible results acheived from minimal information.