Pre-Employment Checks.

Pre-Employment Checks

Conducting pre-employment checks should be an integral part of your personnel recruitment process. If you don’t take the necessary care, you could end up hiring the wrong person. Often a few simple checks are all that is needed to ensure your new employee is right for the role, but for high-level jobs, a more in-depth employment history check may be required.

Background Checks and Employment History Verification

If your company needs to conduct an employment background check on a job applicant, we can help. Our detailed pre-employment background checks will enable you to make an informed hiring decision about a job. We provide a range of pre-employment reports that cover basic information such as identity and address verification, through to full criminal record checks, previous employment history, financial and credit records.

Discreet and Efficient

Tremark investigative consultants are discreet, efficient and compliant. Whatever information you need about a prospective new employee, we are here to assist. If any information does come to light regarding an employee’s integrity or reliability, further checks can help you to verify their credentials and suitability helping you choose your next perfect employee.

For more information about the importance of pre employment vetting and how it can help your business, get in touch today.