Pre-Sue Reports and Background checks.

Pre-Sue Reports and Background Checks

Before Credit is Agreed or Legal action is Instigated

Pre-Sue Reports are a useful tool for identifying the current financial status of a business or individual. The information provided can help you decide whether it is worth taking legal action or pursuing an existing claim; it can also help you to identify which enforcement strategy is likely to be the most effective.

Professional Investigations and Background Checks

Tremark investigators are highly experienced, discreet and professional at all times. All Pre-Sue investigations are conducted within the strict provisions laid down by the Data Protection Act and other UK legislation. Reports can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, but will normally summarise the subject’s financial position and lifestyle.

We will make comprehensive enquiries to establish as much information about the subject as possible including:

  • Confirmed full name and date of birth
  • Confirmation of the subjects current residential address and previous addresses
  • A visit to the subjects residential address providing you with photograph’s of the property together with a description and drive by valuation.
  • Land Registry searches on any connected properties to confirm ownership
  • Detailed media and internet searches
  • Details on occupants of residential property
  • Employment status
  • Credit History – Details of CCJs with Bankruptcy and Insolvency searches
  • Details of any directorships or connected companies

Extra Information Included in a Pre Sue Report

If other information that may be of interest comes to light, for example telephone numbers, newspaper articles or the location of other properties owned by the subject, the investigators will include this within your Pre-Sue Report.

For more information about how Pre-Sue Reports can help save you time and money when dealing with debtors, get in touch today.