Spanish Property Tracing, Enquiries and Recovery.

Spanish Property Tracing, Enquiries and Recovery

Many Spanish properties slip under the radar when previously successful businesses go bankrupt, with their owners successfully eluding creditors or Trustees in Bankruptcy. Tremark Associates have been extremely successful in tracing and recovering these potentially valuable assets to obtain full or partial settlement of a debt.

Successfully Tracing Spanish Properties for Creditors

Initial Spanish property tracing enquires can be carried out with only the subject’s full name (including middle names). Armed with this information we can perform a nationwide search to check whether the subject owns one or more Spanish properties, or has an interest in a company based in Spain. If the investigation uncovers that the subject owns any Spanish properties, a copy of the property deeds will be obtained for you in approximately four working days.

Service Costs

  1. Property tracing: £100 per person
  2. Copy of property deeds: £250

The total cost for positive identification of a property is therefore £350.00

Property Valuations and Charging Orders

When a subject is found to own a Spanish property, our network of local contacts can arrange for the property to be valued and marketed on your behalf. We can introduce you to Spanish lawyers to act upon Trustees in Bankruptcy in respect of the property sale; or on your behalf if you are looking to obtain a charging order to secure an outstanding debt.

Tremark are also able assist in negotiating with third party’s in relation of the prospective sale of a trustee’s interest of the property.

If you would like further information on Tremark’s Spanish property tracing and recovery service, please get in touch today.