Tenancy Fraud Investigations.

Tenancy Fraud Investigations

Tenancy fraud is well-known for being a significant problem in the social housing sector. There are different types of tenancy fraud, but unlawful sub-letting and obtaining housing by deception are two of the most common to affect landlords.

Tremark Tackles Tenancy Fraud

Tremark Associates provide Tenancy Fraud investigation services for landlords and our investigators have a wealth of resources and experience to offer you. If you need more information about the named tenant of a suspect tenancy or there is some uncertainty over the identity of tenants occupying one of your properties, we can help you.

Value for Money

To give you the best value for money, fraud investigations take place in stages. To start with, a fraud investigator will carry out data matching and a risk assessment on one or more of your properties. Alternatively, if there is cause for concern, we can investigate individual tenants, residents and suspect properties. In most cases these methods will provide you with enough information to move forward with enforcement action, but if necessary, further investigative work, including surveillance, can be carried out.

Overt Fraud Audits and Investigations

In the case of high risk tenancies overt fraud audits can also be carried out to gather relevant evidence using a high-visibility approach. We can either work with your housing staff in a supervisory capacity, or independently on your behalf, and with our investigators on your side, you no longer have to worry about tenancy fraud related issues.

If you would like more information about our tenancy fraud investigation services, please contact us today.