Legal Support & Clerking.

Legal Support, Clerking and Enforcement

Working with insolvency practitioners, businesses and financial institutions across the UK, our highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable staff provide a wide rage of services including  high quality legal support, clerking and enforcement services. We always ensure we provide a fully compliant service with reliability and professional accountability at the forefront of everything that we do.

Certificated Bailiffs Services

We work closely with County Court Bailiffs and High Court Enforcement Officers on your behalf, offering you a comprehensive service that enables the recovery of monies and property, alongside assistance with evictions, providing a fast and effective resolution for you.

County Court Bailiffs

We work with County Court Bailiffs to enforce orders issued by the courts, providing you with a cost effective, efficient service, to ensure that monies or property owed to you are fully recovered.

Court Clerking & Legal Couriers

With our Court Clerking and Legal Courier Service we can assist in drawing and sealing orders, issuing proceedings, petitions and applications, filing and lodging documents, and taking witness statements on your behalf. This will save you both the time and expense of having to travel to attend court yourself.

Registering and Enforcing Scottish Decrees in England & Wales

Based in Scotland? We are able to register a Foreign Judgment in England and Wales at the Royal Courts of Justice, London, on your behalf. Upon registration we can arrange for action to be taken against a debtor based in England or Wales by High Court Enforcement Officers or for enforcement by various other means. This can often lead to negotiation and a faster resolution for you.

Enforcement in Scotland

Acting on behalf of companies based in England and Wales and solicitors in Scotland, we offer a variety of legal and enforcement services such as debt recovery, registering and enforcement of Judgments/Orders, and the personal service of legal documents. We also offer investigation services such as checking home ownership, locating individuals, or attending an address and prepare a pre-sue report. If you are based in England and Wales this means you can take legal or enforcement action in Scotland with ease.

Traveller and Trespasser Evictions

Using Certificated Bailiff powers and under Common Law, with your instruction we can act to immediately to legally evict travellers with 48 hours, meaning you can avoid the time consuming and costly action of obtaining a court order. We can also assist you in arranging site management, such as sanitation of property post eviction, and the installation of security fencing and road blocks, meaning you can be confident that your site is secure against future trespassers.

Eviction Day Support

Our highly trained staff work with the court appointed bailiff to secure your property with professionalism and care. To help take the stress out of an eviction we can supply you with a locksmith to ensure entry and complete control of the property and if necessary we can help to provide additional security to doors and windows and also disconnect gas and electricity supplies.

High Court Enforcement Officers

Working in partnership with High Court Enforcement Officers, who have authorisation from the Ministry of Justice to enforce all High Court and County Court Judgments to repossess property or seize goods and land, we aim to recover your assets as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Possession Orders

We can work with High Court Enforcement Officers to enforce a Writ of Possession. We can assist you in gaining a Writ of Possession from the High Court. This will allow us to take possession of property, land and buildings quickly, ensuring you regain full control of your assets in a completely professional and compliant manner.

Royal Courts of Justice Clerking

We offer you the benefit of our knowledge and vast experience of the London Courts, and of the each court’s procedures and practices, to issue proceedings and applications, file documents and attending hearings on your behalf. This will save you the time, expense and inconvenience of regularly attending proceedings at the Royal Courts.

UK Process Agents

If you do not have a UK address to which legal notices can be served, we can provide you with a Process Agent Service. Our specially trained agent can assist you in dealing with British courts and can assist with the service of notices, proceedings or documents while also providing reliable, professional advice, reducing the burden on you or your client.