Certificated Bailiff & Enforcement Agents.

Certificated Bailiff & Enforcement Agents

Tremark Associates is a leading UK enforcement agency specialising in rent arrears recovery and traveller eviction for our clients. We act on behalf of residential and commercial landlords across England and Wales to bridge the gap when communications between yourself – the landlord – and your tenant break down.
The work of our certified bailiffs is supported and complemented by the work of County Court Bailiffs and High Court Enforcement Officers, and together we offer a comprehensive service that enables you to handle disputes in a professional, proficient, and time effective manner.

How We Can Help You

Our mission is to help you – the landlord – to effectively and efficiently manage any tenant disputes that you may encounter within the residential and commercial sectors.
Certified in the County Court under the Distress for Rent Rules 1988, our certificated bailiffs oversee the regulation of processes relating to unpaid fees, rent arrears, and property repossession. A Notice of Enforcement is issued that can help you quickly and quietly address tenant issues while still maintaining a high reputation within your industry and freeing up your time to continue caring for the rest of your portfolio.
Court orders for eviction by County Court Bailiffs or High Court Enforcement Officers can be costly, which is why we offer a comprehensive service for discreetly removing travellers from your private land. This service is especially designed to save you time, money, and hassle.

How Your Case is Supported

We are proud to provide you with the most suitable and effective service for your tenancy issues. Your case is supported by County Court Bailiffs who assist in the enforcement and recovery of judgements in the County Court, in the issuing of possession orders, and in residential evictions. It is also supported by High Court Enforcement Officers who provide you with assistance for ongoing and more severe cases.

Why Choose Us?

Working to British standards for investigative services, our certified bailiffs provide effective, efficient, and cost effective services for our clients. This provides you with the essential resources you need to undertake the management of residential and commercial leasing disputes across England and Wales in a professional way, saving you time, money, and hassle.