County Court Bailiffs.

County Court Bailiffs

What are County Court Bailiffs?

County Court Bailiffs are employees of the County Court. The role of the County Court Bailiffs is to enforce orders issued by the court, these are known as Warrants of Execution.

What Happens When a Warrant is Issued?

When a Warrant is issued the court will write to the debtor informing them of the warrant. The debtor will be given seven days to pay the amount of the warrant; if the defendant pays within this timeframe, the warrant will be cancelled and the money is sent by the court to you.
County Court Bailiffs can visit the home or business premises of the party you are in dispute with. Whilst on the premises they can make a list of goods as a ‘controlled goods agreement. The bailiffs can then demand payment of the money owed to you or the Court.
If the money owed to you is not paid to the court or if an agreement is not reached to pay in instalments, the County Court Bailiffs can return later to remove the goods listed on the controlled goods agreement.
In some cases, instead of making a controlled goods agreement, County Court Bailiffs may remove goods straight away or lock them up in a room on the premises.

How We Can Help You to Work with County Court Bailiffs

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