Court Clerking & Legal Couriers.

Court Clerking & Legal Couriers

At Tremark Associates we understand the difficulties regional law firms can face when dealing with the courts and tribunals in London or other areas of the country. You may be faced with having to send staff a great distance in order to attend court, issue proceedings or take witness statements.

How Can We Help You?

Our London office is only a 5 minute walk from The Royal Courts of Justice and the London County Court, which makes it easy for us to assist you in drawing and sealing orders, issuing claims and petitions and applications, as well as filing and lodging your documents on your behalf.

Nationwide coverage

You can benefit from our experience of dealing with the London and local Courts and the in-depth knowledge we hold of each court’s practices and procedures, leading to a better out come for you and your clients.

Actions We Can Assist You With

We are able to assist you in the following ways:

  • Issuing proceedings and applications
  • Filing your documents
  • Serving your documents
  • Applying for leave to present a bankruptcy petition in the High Court
  • Attending appointments
  • Attending hearings/trials to keep a watching brief for you
  • Obtaining copy documents
  • Obtaining updates as required
  • Carrying out searches at court
  • Taking witness statements

Contact us for further information about legal and court clerking services and how they can help you.