Enforcement in Scotland.

Enforcement in Scotland

Tremark Associates currently acts on behalf of a number of solicitors and companies based in England and Wales in the recovery of debt and legal enforcement in  Scotland, offering a variety of services such as:

Debt Recovery and Enforcement

Partnerships are held with ‘Messengers at Arms’ and ‘Sheriffs Officers’ meaning we are able to undertake a variety of pre-legal and legal debt recovery services, while also preparing and serving Statutory Demands, the precursor to Sequestration (Bankruptcy).

Register and Enforcement of English Judgments/Orders

We can register your English/Welsh County Court Judgments in Scotland at the Books of Council and Session (Court of Session) and where appropriate enforce your Order anywhere in Scotland using the enforcement methods available to you. The registration of County Court Judgments can take up to 2 weeks, but once your Judgment is registered we can proceed by way of an Inhibition, or Earnings Arrestment or Attachment, to assist you in recovering what is owed to you.

Personal Service of Legal Documents

It is sometimes necessary to satisfy the Courts in Scotland that you have served your English/Welsh Claim Form correctly in Scotland. The Court of Sessions sometimes requires that the service of legal proceedings has been served in accordance with the rules in Scotland rather than those of England and Wales.

Service of legal documents via a Process Server may be more effective that using the post and receiving the documents in this way can sometimes lead to your claim being resolved in a more timely manner.

Scottish Investigations

Using a network of professional private investigators we can undertake investigations in Scotland on your behalf. This could involve checking for home ownership, locating an individual or a requirement to attend an address and prepare a pre-sue report.

We are also able to assist clients based in Scotland with the enforcement of a Scottish Decree or judgment in England or Wales. If you would like further information on this service please Click Here