Possession Orders.

Possession Orders

Tremark Associates work in partnership with a team of High Court Enforcement Officers who have authorisation from the Ministry of Justice to enforce all High Court and County Court Judgments on your behalf. This includes enforcing court orders that allow us to take possession of property, land and buildings.

The Writ of Possession

A Writ of Possession gives a High Court Enforcement Officer the power to enter property or land and take the required steps to gain possession on behalf of you, our client. The Officers are trained to a high standard to deal with situations that can arise during the repossession of property or land and will always act in your best interest.

Obtaining an Order for Possession from the High Court

If you wish to use our services to enforce a possession order and the Writ of Possession has been awarded by the High Court, you must submit the Writ to us with your completed application form.

Obtaining an Order for Possession from a County Court

If you are applying in the County Court you will need to ask the District Judge to grant enforcement by a High Court Enforcement Officer. Once this is in place, you should submit the application to us and we will then arrange for it to be transferred to the High Court and obtain a Writ of Possession.

How We Can Help You

Before taking any action we will ensure that the enforcement officer understands the circumstances surrounding your instruction, so they can offer advice to help you achieve the best outcome.
Our High Court Enforcement Officers are highly respected, and their knowledge and understanding of law is second to none. They are highly skilled and determined to gain possession quickly to ensure a successful resolution for you.

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