Traveller and Trespasser Evictions.

Traveller and Trespasser Evictions

Travellers can turn up at any moment with caravans and vehicles and set up camp. This can cause a number of problems. On your private land, travellers can disrupt your life and in some cases damage property, boundary walls and fences. If travellers set up camp on commercial premises such as a shopping centre or on a trading site it can lead to a loss of business and disruption for your customers and clients.

If you take Court action to evict the travellers via a Possession Order it can be time consuming and costly. However, you do have another option. Using Certificated Bailiff powers and under Common Law, it is possible for us to act immediately to legally evict travellers with 48 hours of receiving your instruction and without the need of a a court order.

How the Certificated Bailiff Eviction Works

1) A notice will be served on the travellers informing them that Certificated Bailiffs will return at a given time the next day in order to carry out eviction.

2) The Certificated Bailiffs will inform them that if they have not vacated the land by that time action to forcibly remove them will be undertaken.

3) During an eviction there is full liaison with the local police, who are made fully aware of the situation.

4) If a physical eviction is necessary, we can arrange tow trucks and other backup services to attend to offer assistance.
5) Following the eviction contractors can be arranged to cleanse and sanitise the site. Contractors can also erect security fencing or concrete road blocks, if required.

A successful eviction is very often achieved by the initial attendance of the Certified Bailiff meaning we can often provide a single fixed price service to you. This method has proven very successful for many of our clients.

The eviction process is quick and effective and all actions taken are within the law. For further information please get in touch today.