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How to Make the Most out of your Process Serve

How to Make the Most out of your Process Serve

Process serving is a crucial aspect of the legal system, ensuring that individuals are properly notified of pending legal actions against them. Whether it’s serving winding up petitions, stat demands, bankruptcy petitions or other legal documents, the process server plays a vital role in facilitating justice. However, there’s so much more to the process server than first meets the eye. In this article, we will explore key strategies for optimising your process serve experience and gaining some added complimentary benefits from the service getting you ahead the game.

Choose the best Process Server

It goes without saying that the success of process serves largely depends on the capabilities and professionalism of the process server. When procuring a process server, it’s crucial to opt for an accredited and experienced company. We always recommend using an agent or company who is a member of the ABI, like Tremark, as this indicates their professionalism following a strict code of conduct as well as compliance with data protection laws. Reliability, efficiency, and good communication skills are qualities to look for when selecting a process server, as they play a significant role in expediting the process and minimising delays.

Have all the correct information

That’s all well and good that we have the best and most efficient process server in town, but they are only as good as their intelligence given. To that end, it’s up to you the client to give accurate and detailed information about the subject to make sure the serve is correct and speedy. This includes the subject’s full legal name, current address, workplace information, and any other relevant details that could aid the process server in locating them. Incomplete or inaccurate information may lead to unsuccessful service attempts, delaying the legal proceedings.

Added benefits – knowing your end goal

So, we know what to look for in a process server and we know what information they require to get the job done effectively. But what else can our capable process server do for you and how can we add potential value to your process serve visit? Let’s go back to why we might require a process server in the first place. What is your end goal? It’s not to serve papers but, most likely, it’s to get some financial compensation.

We know our investigators in the field have discretion and efficiency as key qualities so let’s make the most of those. The agent is making a visit to the subject’s property so why not ask the process server to dig around for some more information. Perhaps making a note of the condition of the property or how many and what cars are in the drive? Or the agent could make some light local inquiries. And let’s also consider a stealthily taken photo of the property, which could help you or your client determine whether it’s a good use of resources to pursue the subject/ debtor. After all, a picture says a thousand words.

These inquiries would provide you, the client, with more information or could lead us to do further useful in-depth inquiries. For example, we could run an HPI (Hire Purchase Information) check on the cars seen in the driveway to check if there is any finance on them. We might be able to ascertain who else might be living at the property and how this might affect proceedings.

Earlier this year, one of our clients instructed us to carry out a process serve. This instruction expanded into other service offerings, which added benefits to the client through resource efficiency. Seeing as we were already going to the holiday home properties to serve notice, we were also able to print off and administer signs declaring that these holiday home properties belonged to our client, and we were able to collect keys on our clients’ behalf. This case study exemplifies the added value that you could get from your process serve just by thinking about the case holistically.


As the client, the potential to maximise your process service lies in your hands. Using a reputable firm, such as Tremark, having all the correct information to hand and thinking laterally about your requirements and end goal can not only streamline your legal journey but also empower you to stay one step ahead of the game. Our Investigations team would be delighted to assist you with any ideas your might have around these suggestions making your next process serve with us even more resourceful. You can contact the team on 01130 263 6466 or drop them an email at