Our People.

Our People

Tremark Associates is a people business and it is the quality of our employees that ensure we can deliver a first-class quality service day in, day out. They are crucial to our vision of becoming the leading brand name in the Investigations Industry and raising the perception of Enquiry Agents in general.

None of this happens by chance. We invest significant time and resources to ensure we have the right people on board to deliver what our customers need. We respect and value our staff, and we have a strong commitment to equal opportunities.

Our Team

  • Mark

    Managing Director
    & Qualified Investigator

    Since founding the business in 1995 at the tender age of 25, Mark’s professionalism and understanding of client & market needs has driven Tremark to be the highly proficient & expert company it is today.
    The title of Managing Director brings with it a number of roles & responsibilities as does being a father to two young children. In his spare time Mark is a keen runner and cyclist as well as an avid Leeds United fan, attending matches both home and away.
    In addition to his role within Tremark, Mark served as President of the Association of British Investigators & is a member of both the Institute of Credit Management and the World Association of Detectives. Mark is highly respected within the industry.

    E: T: 0845 862 8666

  • Karl

    Operations Director & Qualified Investigator

    Described as a thoroughly good bloke in and out of the office, Karl joined the business in 2006 as a marketing graduate, and in 2012 was appointed Investigations Director, notwithstanding being an Everton fan!

    If he didn’t have his hands full managing two collie dogs and a young son, Karl also has the responsibility of maintaining some twenty separate investigation services ranging from Bailiff Services to Asset Validity Reports. In addition he manages and maintains relationships with over 2000 solicitors and professionals within both the private and public sector.

    E: T: 0845 862 1853

  • Stacey

    Financial Director

    A professional businesswoman, a mother and a key driving force behind the success of Tremark, Stacey is a reluctant attention seeker. She’s a tough negotiator, a former certified bailiff and a former semi professional ladies footballer who played in the National Women’s Premier League for Leeds United.

    If you’re thinking big physical strength and aggressiveness…think again. Modest about her own achievements her slight build belies a woman who has gained a reputation with Tremark clients for her hands on investigative skills.

    E: T: 0845 862 1853

  • Ben

    Qualified Investigator
    & Assistant Manager

    Having joined Tremark in 2011, Ben has risen up through the ranks within Tremark to become Karl’s right hand man. Not one to become flustered, it is very rare that Ben is presented with an enquiry that he is unable to resolve without the utmost professionalism.

    Being Tremark’s self-acclaimed “cockney geezer”, Ben has West Ham United running through his veins and I don’t think there’s any doubt that his young son will also!

    E: T: 0845 862 1853

  • Julia

    Senior Account

    Moving to Yorkshire from West Sussex 6 years ago to be closer to her family was a relocation worth making for Julia & her Aussie husband. Choosing to exchange the familiarity of the sea for the closeness of the countryside, they have discovered Yorkshire fishcakes and hot pork pies, which Julia, describes as “deadly but delicious”.

    Julia joined Tremark in 2012 and is responsible for fulfilling client’s process serving & investigatory needs, liaising with our field agents & investigators & finding solutions to the logistical problems the job often brings.

    E: T: 0845 862 1853

  • Emilie

    Qualified Investigator
    & Account Manager

    Emilie joined Tremark in 2017 as an Account Manager and quickly became an integral part of the Investigations Department.

    Emilie has made excellent working relationships with her clients using her natural charm and sense of humour. She spends a lot of her day spelling out her christian name, although luckily she recently married Mr Smith!

    E: T: 0845 862 1853

  • Richard


    Richard is an avid Rugby League and most importantly Leeds Rhinos fan, who loves nothing more than deep sea fishing, curry, travelling, camping & spending as much time as possible with his children. Richard is particularly popular on Friday morning’s as the ‘hot butty’ organiser. In more than one sense you might say that his role in the office is to ‘bring home the bacon’.
    Richard is a qualified investigator of 25 years, who specialises in locating individuals & discovering important information about them. Such information might include their financial status and lifestyle as well as uncovering assets as part of Tremark’s ‘Pre-Sue’ enquiries.

    E: T: 0845 862 1853

  • Ken

    Qualified Investigator & Process Server

    Ken previously served nearly 20 years in the Metropolitan Police, within various investigationary roles and Specialist Operational policing around the capital including Specialist Searches.

    He is a mad Motorcyclist nut, who likes to travel all over Europe on bikes following the MotoGP racing, Irish road racing and has several personal motorcycles. Ken is also a long-suffering Sunderland football supporter.

    E: T: 0845 862 1853

  • Richard Lessing

    & Process Server

    E: T: 0845 862 1853

  • Brenda

    & Process Server

    Brenda has worked as an investigator and process server in the north of England for over 20 years. She has a particular expertise in dealing with the most evasive of subjects. Modest Brenda is convinced that it is down to the fact that she appears an unassuming lady, but it is a fact that she does appear to be able to both get into places, and extract information where male colleagues have failed.

    A ‘Cracking Yorkshire Lass’, born and bred in Bradford, Brenda is a proud mum of two strapping lads. She list’s coaching her young granddaughter into the art of shopping and swimming as her favourite pastimes.

    E: T: 0845 862 1853

  • Andy


    Andy is Tremark’s ‘Man on a Motor Bike’. London based he is one of our process serving and investigation specialists. Living close to the Capital, Andy works out of our Holborn office using his motor bike to provide clients with the swift and professional service of legal documents that they have come to expect.

    Prior to joining Tremark Andy spent over 30 years in the Metropolitan Police force rising to the rank of Sergeant with special responsibilities for missing persons and child protection. Andy’s professional background and his experience and knowledge of the locality in and around London is second to none.

    E: T: 0845 862 1853

  • Joshua


    Josh is another of Tremark’s employees who has risen up through the ranks to become an integral part of the investigations team. One of the quieter members of the team Josh is always keen to learn new skills and progress.

    Standing at 6’ 3” Josh is a real gentle giant whose favourite sport remarkably is Mixed Martial Arts! Josh also likes going to the gym and is a keen cyclist.

    E: T: 0845 862 1853

  • Julie

    Leeds Office Manager
    and Accounts

    Julie joined Tremark in 2006, after spending 28 years working in distribution for WH Smith. Julie is the company book keeper, office manager and the directors right hand women. She is loyal, trustworthy and very reliable, which is a good job as she pays the wages! Her other roles include dealing with security screening of new employees and field agents and organising Tremark christmas party!

    Julie likes nothing better than to relax in front of a movie with a large glass of white wine. Julie is a keen swimmer and a music lover.

    E: T: 0845 862 8666

  • Fiona

    Qualified Investigator
    and Administrator

    Fiona has worked at Tremark since 2006.

    Fiona started in our Customer Service department, then moved onto Collections and now is part of our Investigations department with a focus of people tracing. She will tackle anything!  She says, “I love working, and love my job they all feel like family I have been here that long…. I thrive off my busy life, being a mummy of 6 and a Grandma of 4.” She adores family time and is the music loving, Fashion queen of the office. Definite Super Mum & Super Gran!!

    E: T: 0845 862 1853

  • Lisa

    Credit Controller

    Lisa has worked at Tremark since 2009 and is a member of our debt collection team and is also our company Credit Controller.

    Lisa is a much-loved member of the team, loud, giggly and like a mum to many!

    She is a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and recently became a doting Grandma. She loves family time as well as bit of ‘me time’. Lisa is known to be the one who livens up all Tremark’s staff get together and Christmas parties.

    E: T: 0845 8628666

  • Claire

    Investigations Administrator

    Claire originally joined our investigations team in 2008. We are delighted that Claire rejoined the company taking a coupe of years away to focus on her role as a mummy to three wonderful children!

    Claire’s role involves providing support to our investigators and keeping clients updated.

    E: T: 0845 862 1853

  • Emma

    Account Manager

    Emma is an Account Manager withing the debt recovery team after joining the business about a year ago.

    Emma has previous experience in both Sales and Customer Service working for many different companies. When joining Tremark, Emma worked in Customer Services but has taken well to her new role.

    She is also a loving mum and a very friendly member of the office, constantly happy and smiling.

    E: T: 0845 862 1655

  • Ruby the
    Office Dog

    Emotional Welfare

    Ruby is our much-loved office dog who comes to work with her “staff” Mark & Stacey, usually after a nice long walk down a muddy track!

    She likes to do the rounds to all the office staff checking if we’re all ok, whether she sits on your knee or on your desk for a cuddle, before settling herself down as close to Stacey or Lisa as she can get.

    Lunchtime is her favourite part of the working day hoping a slice of ham comes her way from someone’s sandwich!

    E: T:


Field Agents and Investigators

All of our investigators, field agents and process servers are subjected to Tremark’s own Service Level Agreement and all have been vetted to the BSI 7858 code of practice – ‘Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment’.

Our Investigators, process servers and all field agents :

  • Have demonstrated their competency
  • Are fully informed of developments and changes in the law and procedures affecting investigation services
  • Are given clear instructions of what is required of them, at the outset of each assignment
  • Are subject to quality monitoring and mystery shopper type activities
  • Hold Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Are notified as Data Controllers with the Information commissioner’s office
  • Clear of any adverse credit data
  • Bound to a professional code of conduct
  • Subject to a robustly enforced complaints and discipline systems
  • Able to access controlled information that is unavailable to investigators outside The Association of British Investigators

At Tremark Associates we operate our own strict code of conduct and ethics, to which each field agent must adhere. Our commitment to clients is that we will, at all times, be:

  • Fair
  • Ethical
  • Professional
  • Transparent
  • Accountable
  • Honest
  • Cautious
  • Thorough
  • Law abiding
  • Mindful of the confidentiality of that with which we are entrusted
  • Protect and enhance the reputation of the Industry and our clients