Book Debt & Sales Ledger Valuation.

Book Debt & Sales Ledger Valuation

When a person, partnership or company becomes insolvent, record keeping can be poor and former directors often have new priorities. Because of this the collection of book debts can sometimes be a long drawn out action which leads to a less than successful return. Credit management and the collection of overdue accounts is our core expertise.

How Tremark Associates Can Help You

We have years of experience working alongside Insolvency Practitioners to recover book debts owed to a variety of businesses which are in distress. The specialist assigned to your case will inspect and review your company sales ledgers and provide an honest valuation for immediate sale.

This Book Debt and Sales Ledger Valuation service can prove particularly useful to Insolvency Practitioners who are considering offers for the purchase of a ledger from former directors or other third parties. Our detailed sales ledger reports can provide the basis for a successfully negotiated sale resulting in a speedy return for you and your client.

With vast experience in both book debt recovery and the insolvency market, we can provide you with the reassurance that sales are at a true value. We will also provide you with reports and advice to give you a good foundation for negotiation with potential purchasers. We can also negotiate with potential purchasers on your behalf.


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