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House Fraud Granny Collapses in Court

House Fraud Granny Collapses in Court

A grandmother has collapsed in court after she was jailed for helping a criminal gang make millions of pounds by effectively stealing people’s homes.

Surjeet Chana, 64, was among a trio of crooked officials – which also included a solicitor and a bank manager – recruited by the gang to fool developers into buying the properties at knock-down prices.

Chana, a clerk, worked in customer services at the Land Registry headquarters and supplied title deeds and owners’ signatures so they could be forged.

Police found £38,000 hidden in the loft of her home in south London and she was sentenced to three years and nine months behind bars.

The trio have been convicted of fraud and money-laundering offences at Southwark Crown Court.

Chana collapsed in the dock as she was sentenced. The judge told her she had committed a serious breach of trust as a Land Registry clerk.

Chana’s solicitor Henry Oghoetuoma said: “Mrs Chana is deeply disappointed by the verdict of the jury in this matter and continues to vigorously protest her innocence.”

Solicitor Charles Spiropoulos, 48, carried out the conveyancing and collected money from the illegal house sales. He was jailed for four years.


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