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Man jailed for attempting to fraudulently bankrupt women who spurned his advances

Man jailed for attempting to fraudulently bankrupt  women who spurned his advances

An Australian man tried to have six women declared bankrupt after three had spurned his advances.

Alain Acosta, from the Deer Park district in Melbourne, pleaded guilty to six counts of forgery after he falsely completed and filed documents to try to have the women declared bankrupt.

Acosta, 26, was charged with producing false documents to Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia in the names of six women he knew. He tried to have them declared bankrupt them after they refused to see him again, Melbourne Magistrates’ Court heard last week.

Acosta met two of his victims through an online dating site, Brimbank Leader reports. A further victim had also rejected his advances, while the others were friends of women he had dated.

The offences came to light when a victim received documentation advising that her bankruptcy application had been accepted.

A joint investigation by ITSA, Australian Federal Police and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service found Acosta had accessed ITSA’s website and downloaded the documents.

Acosta was sentenced to a 12-month community correction order with supervision, treatment and rehabilitation, and was fined $4000.

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