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Meeting The Deadline – Case Study

Meeting The Deadline – Case Study

A leading Leeds based Solicitor obtained a Judgment against a debtor, but they required to locate him prior to serving an order to Attend Court for Questioning. The matter was very urgent because the Order needed to be served within seven days, but they were uncertain to his current address.

The Countdown Begins

Tremark were instructed to deal with this matter, so we collected the documents from our client’s offices and forwarded them to our local agent who attended the address the following day. It was discovered the debtor no longer resided at the address, and despite speaking to neighbours they were unable to ascertain any information as to his whereabouts.

The matter was passed to our tracing department to urgently locate the debtor. After carrying out various enquires we ascertained the debtor had recently departed to Hong Kong. However he was due back in the country later that week on business and to visit his father, whose address and telephone number we obtained during the investigation.

Beat the Clock

The Order was immediately forwarded to our agent in the location of the subject’s father. He confirmed his son was currently touring the UK, and whilst he did not know his whereabouts or have a contact number, he expected his son to contact him.

As the hearing date was imminent we left a letter of appointment for the debtor at his father’s address, in the hope that father and son would speak to each other.

We attended the father’s address at the appointed time and met with the debtor, serving him with the Order and advising him of the importance of attending the hearing.


An affidavit of service was sworn and filed at the Court by our agent. A copy was forwarded to our client together with a detailed report. We managed to locate and serve the documents within the seven day deadline, and our client later informed us the debtor attended the hearing and an arrangement had been made for the monies to be paid in full.


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About The Author

Mark Hodgson is the Managing Director of Tremark Associates, one of the UK’s leading providers of investigative services. Mark formed Tremark aged just 25 in 1995 and has over 30 years experience in private investigations and commercial debt recovery industries. He is a leading figure and a campaigner for regulation of the Industry and past President of the Association of British Investigators, a member of the World Association of Detectives, The Chartered Institute of Credit Management, The Institute of Paralegals and an associate member of R3 -The Association of Business Recovery Professionals. Mark splits his time between the Leeds and London Offices. He is a dad of two, a keen runner, cyclist and a Leeds United season ticket holder.